Custom OM Stone Orders

The Grounded Route will design a custom OM Stone Necklace and/or Bracelet(s) based on your individual energy and design request.  Just contact us below and give us an idea of what you're looking for:

  • For yourself or to be gifted?
  • Specific energy or combination of energies you're looking to cultivate (e.g. physical healing, prosperity/abundance, love/self esteem, healthy relationships, stress/anxiety relief, protection from negative energy)
  • Colour and/or Gemstone preferences
  • Choose from Necklace ($50/ea) and/or Stretch Bracelet ($25/ea) 
  • Include lava stone for oil diffusing?
  • If choosing bracelet, either Men's (~8.5") or Women's (~6.5") or smaller Children's size.

The Grounded Route can provide individual custom handmade pieces, or large orders for your squad, a bridal party or team.  We're honoured to be chosen to design your wearable inspiration.

With love and good vibrations,

The Grounded Route






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